BDP Milestones


  • US Customs names BDP to second term on Commercial Operations Advisory Committee (COAC)
  • American Chemistry Council appoints BDP to Responsible Care Strategic Review Executive Task Force
  • Turners Shipping of South Africa named BDP Global Network Partner
  • BDP India Awarded Three ISO Certifications


  • Logistics Management magazine Quest for Quality Award as #1 Air Freight Forwarder
  • Inbound Logistics magazine Top 100 3PL Provider
  • Supply Chain Brain Great Supply Chain Partner Award
  • BDP Canada a member of Partners in Protection (PIP) program, Canada’s counterpart to the U.S. Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  • BDPSmart Tower, a new solution for managing ISO-tanks and multiple element gas containers (MEGCs) assets
  • Full ownership of BDP Spain
  • BDP operations in Vietnam
  • BDP operations ISO certified in 10 Asia Pacific countries 
  • BDP Global Project Logistics division ISO certified in Singapore, Thailand, China, UAE
  • BDP Oil & Gas division ISO certified
  • BizStar award in Singapore
  • Chemical logistics joint venture  in Saudi Arabia
  • BDP operations in India
  • UN Global Compact
  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification through Belgium Customs


  • United States  President’s E-Star Award winner for Excellence in Export Services
  • Launch of BDP Oil & Gas Division
  • BDPSmart Vū, the industry’s most comprehensive purchase order management visibility tool, introduced
  • Wholly owned operations in UK established
  • Secure Trade Partnership (STP) Certification by Singapore Customs


  • BDP Global Network Services value model for Partner affiliates around the world
  • BDP Project Logistics  headquartered in Singapore
  • Launched BDPSmart 2.0
  • Argentinean operati0n acquired
  • Logistics Management magazine Top 50 Global Logistics Providers
  • Full ownership of BDP Indonesia and sixth office in Balikipapan opened
  • BDP Project Logistics delegate office in Tripoli, Libya
  • BDP Project Logistics operations in Beijing, China
  • Project engineering division 
  • BDP Project Logistics office in Iraq


  • Office in Lonate Pozzolo-Malpensa, Italy
  • USA Land Transport program established
  • 2007 Top 100 3PL Providers by Inbound Logistics
  • First international logistics service provider to successfully complete the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Management System Audit
  • Joint venture operations in Muscat, Oman
  • Full ownership of Germany operation
  • BDP/courier, an express small package delivery service (US Export and intra-US domestic)
  • Joint venture with Mexico logistics firm
  • Acquisitions, joint ventures in Czech Republic and Thailand completed


  • BDP’s 40th Anniversary
  • Finalist in Logistics Management magazine 23rd Annual Quest for Quality Awards
  • Finalist in the 2006 Top 20 Global Ocean Freight Forwarders in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies magazine
  • Inbound Logistics’ 2006 Top 100 3PLs
  • Nuremberg Project Logistics office opened
  • BDP/now!, a multi-modal immediate response service for mission critical shipments
  • On-line customer service portal, BDPSmart.com … logistics made easy.
  • Full ownership of operations in Brazil, Italy and Chile
  • Chemical sector business unit  launched
  • BDP Malaysia 10th anniversary with emphasis on human capital


  • Elite Group of Houston, Texas acquired
  • Rotterdam, Holland operation 
  • BDP/Project Logistics aligned globally
  • Equity stake in Italy logistics firm
  • Korea logistics unit formed
  • BDP and Genco strategic alliance to enhance end-to-end global service capabilities


  • Class A License to fully control and manage logistics processes in China
  • Logistics operation in Qatar
  • Majority ownership stakes in Merlin (Germany) and ACTA (France) logistics/transport firms, and completed acquisition of T.I. nv (Belgium)


  • ISO 9001:2000 Certification in import and export logistics operations for client DuPont
  • Member of Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  • G-Log GC 3 as foundation component of BDP Xpedion Web-based operating infrastructure platform
  • Full-service logistics operation in Dubai, UAE


  • Responsible Care® Partner by American Chemistry Council
  • Independent Centrx knowledge-sharing unit to design, develop, deploy and manage global supply chain solutions
  • Global Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) for Dow Chemical Company
  • Offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia


  • BDPData, BDPTrax and BDPCustomerCorrect tools from BDP Xpedion unified operating platform
  • Bangkok, Thailand facility


  • BDP South America unit
  • First to apply Remote Location Filing (RLF) Technology to Customs clearance for cross-border shipping between Canada and the U.S.
  • Sole parent of wholly owned BDP Asia Pacific transportation and logistics subsidiary


  • Recognized for leadership in implementation of Automated Export System (AES)


  • Invested over $1 million USD in enterprise solution technology
  • DuPont, one of BDP’s largest clients, received Transportation & Distribution’s Excellence in Logistics Award


  • First US  import logistics firms certified by Customs for Remote Location Filing (RLF) services
  • Recipient of the President’s E-Award for Excellence in Exporting


  • First logistics company to enter into a cooperative alliance with SAP, resulting in Exportise software


  •  BDP Global Network established
  • First import logistics firm to participate in Automated Invoice Interface (AII)


  • First to receive and transmit commercial invoices in EDIFACT format to Customs


  • First to establish EDI link to ocean and air carriers for bills of lading and bookings


  • First to map EDI standards for entire international documentation process


  • First to transmit export declaration information electronically


  • First to transmit data electronically under Automated Broker Interface (ABI) program


  • Export Freight Forwarding relationship established with DuPont


  • Incorporated as BDP International, Inc.


  • R.J. Bolte Company established as Freight Forwarder