Experience, reach and flexibility provide efficiencies for global manufacturer

AkzoNobel is the largest global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. They supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for customers. Headquartered in Amsterdam, AkzoNobel has operations in more than 80 countries and 55,000 people around the world.


AkzoNobel’s Brasilian operations have multiple business units, each with its own specific operational needs. Many of the units were working with their own suppliers for custom brokerage services. The result was a large number of external logistics providers with varying degrees of capabilities and connectivity, not to mention the additional costs associated with multiple resources. The major challenge for AkzoNobel Brasil was to identify a single provider that could effectively manage not only Customshouse Brokerage for all of the business units’ operations but also a resource that had reliable Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) expertise, which was required for specific SBUs.


Due to the capabilities outlined in BDP’s RFQ presentation to AkzoNobel Brasil, the scope of service was expanded by the client. BDP made two additional presentations to the company, and was eventually awarded the business.

“There were several reasons why we selected BDP,” said Gabriel Brasileiro, Supply Chain Analyst with AkzoNobel Brasil and leader of the AkzoNobel Brasil Group for the project. “BDP’s relationship with AkzoNobel in other countries is very important – it contributed to our decision to select BDP. It was very important for us to be able to rely on that global relationship… that BDP is providing the same kind of service AkzoNobel operations in other countries.”

Because there were numerous requirements, some AkzoNobel business units were concerned that BDP would not provide personalized customer service to each unit. However, BDP Brasil was flexible enough to take what was best for each business unit and to adapt to each requirement.

While each business unit had a specialized process mapped out for them, BDPSmart is being used for all of AkzoNobel Brasil’s transportation needs. The move to this standardization has meant that AkzoNobel Brasil now has specific metrics that can be reviewed to determine what improvements can be made to their processes.

In regards to BDP’s performance, Brasileiro said, “They have the right people who can provide the support we need in the right places. The balance of the entire BDP group is good.”