Retail & Consumer Logistics

Global supply chains are becoming more complex. A production line stalled due to compromised cargo or delays in the supply chain can be a disaster. Purchase and inventory management means no guesswork.

Global supply chains are complex. And challenging.

The pressure is on logistics and procurement managers. They must understand performance of individual nodes in their inbound supply chains, reduce per unit costs. And increase market competitiveness.

Upstream visibility control of the purchase order life cycle is critical.  Poor or no access to data can reduce effective management of your shipments. Lack of visibility and exception reporting can lead to uncertainty, increased risk, missed deadlines. And lost revenue.

  • BDPSmart Vū, the ultimate purchase order power tool, delivers unprecedented upstream visibility
  • Access to the deepest and most comprehensive array of PO process data ever. From origin supplier to final inbound delivery
  • Global relationships down to the local level