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Resources to help you deliver a dynamic solution for your business through efficient, effective operations designed to excite customers.

Transform your supply chain with 4PL solutions

This past year has proven that companies need to re-imagine and re-invent their strategies, their customer relationships, and their methods of delivering tangible value. One method of doing so is by implementing a 4PL solution. 

To support our customers in this complex new environment, the team at BridgeNet Solutions, a BDP Company, has developed an extensive collection of insightful and comprehensive 4PL resources to inform, educate, and guide you on a 4PL journey. Scroll to access our interactive resources.

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Webinar Series

Hear from the experts

BDP is pleased to present "Fast Track to a Digital World: Delivering 4PL Supply Chain Transformation," a comprehensive three-part webinar series featuring various 4PL industry experts. All three episodes are available via the links below.

Episode 1

Digital Transformation at Scale

In episode one of this three-part series, Noah Cepela, President, BridgeNet Solutions, and Stuart Whiting, Senior Vice President Planning & Logistics, Schneider Electric discuss digital transformation at scale.

Episode 2

The 4PL Model and Supply Chain Alignment

In this episode, Neil Wheeldon, Vice President Solutions, BDP International discusses the 4PL Model and Supply Chain Alignment with Dr. John Gattorna, Supply Chain Thought Leader - Strategy, Logistics, Transformation, Management, Author, Advisor, Academic, Educator.

Episode 3

4PL Control Tower: A Smarter Operation

In the final episode, Noah Cepela, President, BridgeNet Solutions, Jason Carl, Vice President of 4PL Solutions, BridgeNet Solutions and Michel Hol, Regional Control Tower Manager 4PL Solutions, BridgeNet Solutions discuss 4PL Control Towers.


Is a 4PL right for you?

When it comes to choosing a logistics provider, the market is full of options - from 3PLs and 4PLs to LLPs. But what exactly is the difference between all of these providers?  And which can best support your business needs?  In this white paper, we break down the differences between various service providers, outline key supply chain challenges and how companies rate their current provider's performance.

Design Guide

Transform your supply chain

4PL transformations are a journey. BridgeNet Solutions, a BDP International Company, has developed an interactive 4PL Design Guide to walk you through a step-by-step process to define, design, develop and deploy supply chain transformation.