Collaborative service and effective supply chains are bottom-line realities of business practice in the twenty-first century.

At BDP, our partnership strategy is built on a simple but powerful tenet: We forge prudent relationships with organizations whose strengths complement our core competencies — companies with good reputations, a solid infrastructure and strong, local market knowledge. Our relationships are cultivated on trust, operationally excellent service integration, and the proactive sharing of common data.

BDP’s partnership networks cut across modes, technologies and industries with one single-minded objective: to extend value to our customers.

Global Network Partners

Since its inception in 1994, the BDP Global Network has grown to include more than 100 subsidiaries, joint ventures and affiliated logistics partners in more than 120 countries. By design, we continuously refine our Global Network to help our clients open new markets and achieve greater supply chain efficiency.

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Transportation Partners

BDP’s carrier network is built upon a nucleus of Tier 1 partners. Seasoned transportation personnel work around the clock to process your order, utilizing a variety of BDP’s global transportation services to ensure prompt fulfillment. We deliver space when you need it, in all major lanes as well as niche routes. Transportation partners include the major air, land and ocean transportation providers around the globe.

Our Top 5 Global Airfreight Carriers are:


Our Top 5 Ocean Carriers are:


Technology Partners

Information – how fast, how broad and how flexible – is the currency of advantage where international supplies chains are competing head-to-head. Yet beyond all of the smoke and mirrors, there is no single plug-and-play panacea of global visibility. For a proven logistics service organization with over 40 years of robust experience, it comes down to combining intellectual capital and our own substantial enterprise technology applications with a clear understanding of our customers’ business drivers. From there, we carefully select the right technology partners.

Our top technology partners are: