Hazardous Materials Corporate Policy

As part of BDP’s commitment to being the best provider of global logistics solutions on the market, it is our corporate policy to maintain the standards of Responsible Care when handling hazardous materials. This means that BDP is committed to achieving high standards of environmental quality and to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees, contractors, and agents. It is company policy to comply with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations.

BDP is committed to safeguard people, property, the environment and our operational practices against harm or loss from intentional acts, or theft. BDP will work within the regulatory requirements of the U.S. Government, and where appropriate; BDP will implement safeguards and procedures, exceeding governmental requirements.

BDP’s commitment to the exercise of Responsible Care extends beyond the corporation itself. Every employee, contractor, and agent is responsible for maintaining the standards of Responsible Care in the following ways: recognizing and mitigating potential hazards; performing his/her job conscientiously; working with customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors, and contractors to foster the safe use, transport, and disposal of chemicals; encouraging and assisting others to adhere to these principles and practices; and reporting any incidents or issues to supervisors immediately.

BDP employees, contractors, and agents must be aware of their responsibilities to protect the environment and to strictly comply with environmental, safety, and health laws and regulations while performing their daily work. BDP provides training for members of its workforce to ensure that safe work practices and environmental protection measures are met. BDP is committed to the safe handling of chemicals under its care, with the goal of zero damage/spillage.

BDP is firmly committed to strive for continuous improvement of its Responsible Care targets and goals. Through its ongoing membership in C-TPAT, which requires BDP to maintain high levels of safety and security precautions, as well as its continued commitment to creating an Emergency Response Plan, BDP’s commitment to this Corporate Policy will remain strong throughout 2013 and beyond.