Frequently Asked Questions

Company Overview

BDP is a privately held, family owned, non-asset based global logistics firm. Richard J. Bolte, Sr., entered the freight forwarding business in 1966. With its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pa., the name BDP International, Inc. was incorporated in 1972 and today has grown to be one of the largest privately held global logistics provider in the world. Throughout the developmental history, BDP has made business decisions based upon our intimate understanding of the industry coupled with the feedback of our customer’s wants and needs. BDP has developed many value-added services over the past 50 years. We have grown through a combination of world-class customer service supported by advanced, internally designed technological tools.

BDP International has always been a customer-driven company, focusing on the values of information, logistics and communications for international shippers. Over the course of more than four decades, BDP has combined the old-fashioned art of listening closely to customers with groundbreaking logistics information technology solutions, a robust global network and solutions oriented professionals to become a recognized leader in the global shipping industry.

How many global offices does BDP International have?

BDP International has a total of 131 owned and joint venture offices, with over 200 additional offices in our Global Network group. The over 300 offices give us a presence in nearly 135 countries around the world.

How many people does BDP International employ?

BDP International is proud to employ over 4200 talented supply chain professionals throughout our global offices.

Who can I contact for customer service questions?

As  BDP Customer, you will be given a dedicated customer service representative who handles your account’s operations.  If you need an additional point of contact, we suggest that you contact your local office’s manager which can be found through our Global Locator.

If you have questions about an order or your BDPSmart account, your BDP representative will be more than happy to assist you.  If you need an additional point of contact, please contact

What does “BDP” stand for?

In 1972, six years after Richard J. Bolte Sr. established the freight forwarding R.J. Bolte Company, he merged with two local competitors, Donahue and Person.  BDP International Inc. was formed using the first initial of their last names.  As the 1980s drew to a close, Donahue and Person retired leaving full ownership of the company back in the hands of the Bolte family.

Click here to read more about BDP’s founder, Richard J. Bolte, Sr.

What is the financial state of BDP International?

With 2014 invoiced revenue in excess of $2 billion, our financial state is very solid based upon years of prudent financial management coupled with sound investment decision making and judicious cash management. BDP International, Inc. and BDP Transport, Inc. are privately held sub-chapter S corporations under U.S. Tax law. As a result, no financial information is required and therefore, none is provided for public use.

What type of training is offered to BDP employees?

We make a significant investment in our people to promote personal growth and achieve higher performance levels.  Through BDP’s Corporate University, BDP U, we help keep employees up-to-date on the latest transportation and logistics issues, regulations and best practices.  For more information, click here to visit the page devoted to BDP U.

What industry and government certifications does BDP International have?

BDP and its subsidiaries are at the forefront of national cargo security requirements as members of various associations. We also demonstrate our professional commitment, industry leadership and extensive expertise through our memberships in all major standards organizations. Click on the following hyperlinks to view the full listing of our Industry Associations, Accredited Certifications, and Awards.

Is there any information to help me become more familiar with the supply chain industry?

BDP is proud to employ many of the industry’s leading experts who are more than happy to share the expertise with customers and new employees.  Whether that is through onsite training seminars taught by BDP leaders, regional compliance seminars, or monthly webinars that are listed on our Events & Seminars page.  Additionally, please visit our Resource Center where you can find helpful documents on the supply chain industry.