Membership Benefits

Value Services that reduce business complexity

BDP Global Network Service offers you exclusive access to the shared assets and geographic presence of a proven, trusted global brand.

The Mission of BDP Global Network Services is:

To achieve and operate the world’s most competitive and effective mid-market logistics network, growing profitable business through shared goals and enduring relationships with our Member Partners.

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Global Coverage

International shippers are under greater pressure than ever to achieve efficiency by taking advantage of the savings possible through smarter use of logistics and transportation. In plain words, customers want more service and they want it to be easy to use.

To meet the higher standard, logistics providers must constantly look for ways to gain greater control of the delivered quality of our service product, on a global scale.

How do you become a global company? Merging, acquiring or being acquired is one way of trying to gain that additional control that is necessary. But buying up companies is no guarantee of service excellence. Excellent service is a matter of doing what you do well and constantly looking for ways to do it even better through process improvement for your customers.

At BDP, going global has always been a matter retaining high standards in core services. Early on we realized one of the most critical items would be cultural alignment with our Partners. Do we think alike? Are we both trying to develop and grow business in the same way? Do we have similar long-term goals?

Since its inception in the 1990s, the BDP Global Network has grown to include more than 100 subsidiaries, joint ventures and affiliated partners in more than 120 countries. Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of that global presence by constantly evaluating the growth markets and being selective in our partnerships; building solid relationships with companies that share the kind of market knowledge, management experience, local infrastructure and customer service values that help our mutual customers grow.

Our coverage enables Global Network Member Partners to manage their cargo through major gateways in strategic markets, helping to ensure a consistent and highly reliable approach to service execution.

The first touch point is our Global Network Services Regional Managers in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Each manager is highly engaged, collaborating directly with Member Partners to facilitate consistent reliability in service execution, sales, administration, in liaison with BDP operations worldwide.

Frequent visits to Member countries enable better understanding, open dialog and the trust which leads to shared success. In a word, it is all about business; profitable business that enables our Partners to reduce business complexity as they become more truly global in their reach.


Sales and Business Development

Effective sales don’t just happen. Sales and route development that lead to profitable revenue require prudent planning and the smart use of resources.

At BDP Global Network Services, we work directly with our Member Partners to build a plan that complements your sales investment strategy.

Beyond the planning, effective sales are built on a foundation of solid relationships with customers and others Partners. The open exchange of ideas and a full understanding of needs and objectives are achieved when that relationship is backed by a solid record of performance. In a word, it comes down to trust. When there is trust there are opportunities to satisfy a shippers’ global logistics and transportation needs. Such enduring relationships also reduce risk when a competitor comes calling on your customers.

With BDP Global Network membership you get dedicated sales support. A mutual planning and execution effort between the Member Partner and BDP Global Network Services designed to effectively target your sales resources and ours in the pursuit of quality revenue growth.

  • PREMIUM Member Partners enjoy dedicated BDP Sales and Global Network Services resources in key, selected trade routes and target markets. The initiative is driven by a structured and clearly defined process that identifies specific goals and accounts. Premium membership also brings access to joint sales activities with key sales personnel from BDP markets, identified by the Premium Member Partner as key growth targets.
  • ASSOCIATE Member Partners enjoy sales support from members of the BDP Global Network Services team. Our Regional Managers – highly experienced in all aspects of sales and operations – visit with Associate Partners and incorporate client meetings and sales calls.

Transportation Procurement

Transportation management is about control of shipments at all levels, every second of every day. As a Member Partner in the BDP Global Network, you enjoy such hands-on air and ocean transportation support in major markets.

Our air and ocean divisions offer BDP Global Network Partners dedicated, full-time operational resources, multiple carrier relationships, and competitive pricing.

Our longstanding carrier relationships help you meet the competitive demand need to leverage volumes as you expand into new markets. Combining our member’s activity and volumes, together with local relationships, our objective is to increase collective volumes for greater selection of carrier options and competitive pricing.

Global Network Member Partners will have the opportunity to participate in the procurement and carrier selection process. Through such collaboration, we combine our strengths to build a more comprehensive transportation product for all members of the Network.

BDP’s regional transportation operations infrastructure creates user friendly access for our Members, and increases the scope for growth of relationships with our core and non core carriers.

A tried and tested core capability in our portfolio of services, BDP transportation provides solutions to our Member Partners. Operating in close collaboration with BDP Global Network Services, we continue to assist all parties in our prime objective of quality service leading to profitable business growth.



Robust Technology

Building certainty into your customers’ longer supply chains doesn’t come cheap. Certainty comes at a price called knowledge. Such knowledge comes from your two most important assets — talented people and robust information technology. Technology that enables you to set a higher standard for making front line decisions, faster and smarter; decisions that save the customer and your enterprise, time and expense.

BDP Global Network Premium Member Partners will have unprecedented access to, a comprehensive on-line logistics customer service portal. BDPSmart can provide unprecedented flexibility, visibility and proactive communications supporting management by exception (MBE), all via a single, Web-based interface.

Premium Member Partners will have access to timely information for:

  • Proactively tracking and tracing shipments, checking vessel schedules, shipment status and Proof of Delivery entrees
  • Accurately generating and distributing international trade documents
  • Warehousing and reporting performance metrics (through data mining)
  • Obtaining rate and booking information
  • Managing supply chain events such as estimated and actual dates and proactive alerts to exceptions.

Password protected, BDPSmart provides secure transaction data on a global basis. Performance oriented technology, BDPSmart and our other information power tools move you and your customers toward a multi-modal, multi-party system that integrates transaction planning, optimization, execution, reporting and even billing into a one seamless process. Smart investment!

Your Global Network Regional Manager will present full details of BDPSmart and the other technology assets available to you.



Marketing and Public Relations

Take your brand to the next level. With membership comes access to world-class Marketing and Public relations expertise that builds name recognition and trust with customers, prospects and your employees. Co-branded signage, business cards, brochures (soft and hard copy), web content, public relations material, conferences / trade fairs and much more are available to BDP Global Network Member Partners. You get the power of our trusted BDP brand, plus access to a talented team of Marketing and Public Relations professionals offering decades of experience. With a modest investment, it’s like having your own marketing department but without the overhead.


Trade and Security Compliance

We live and compete in an uncertain world where managing risk is one of the business realities of the 21st century. The logistics and transportation provider who wants succeed let alone compete must be able to help customers — global shippers — navigate the constantly changing waters of trade, security and environmental compliance.

As an industry leader in regulatory compliance, BDP has been involved at the highest levels of Customs and other government agencies, forging policy and process as an advocate for the shipping public. For more than 30 years, our resume of contributions has run the gamut from procedural to technology advancements. We constantly monitor and interpret the changing landscape of trade rules, and then work in close collaboration to ensure our clients and Global Network affiliates get information that matters, and in a timely fashion.

As a BDP Global Network Member Partner you become part of our information supply chain, to bring added value to your customers.

  • News and trade advisories
  • Updates and interpretations of rules changes
  • Research
  • Briefings and training in areas such as import and export rules and handling of dangerous materials
  • Trade and security compliance reviews for customers

It’s hard enough to turn a profit without adding yet another cost of business to the equation. At BDP global Network Services we believe the same techniques that yield a profitable supply chain are also the best practices of a compliant supply chain, in fact they are intimately linked.