Mentor Program

Moving people through motivation

Being a privately held, family owned company that values personal relationships, BDP has historically used informal mentoring and networking throughout the organization. BDP International’s structured Mentoring Program varies vastly from informal mentoring as it is focused solely on the leadership development of a small group of high potential employees identified by management.

The purpose of the Mentoring Program at BDP International, Inc. is to foster career development and share career experiences between BDP management and high potential employees. The long-term goals of the Mentoring Program are specifically to:

• Identify and reward high potentials within the organization by providing them with personal attention and guidance from BDP management

• Lay the foundation for a succession plan throughout the organization

• Improve morale and job satisfaction of high potential employees

• Establish a culture that values career development and networking while fostering trust throughout the organization

• Aid in retention and recruitment of high potential employees