BDP office chronicles: India

An integral part of The BDP Experience is our deeply rooted belief that we — all 5,000 of us — are a global family. We take the extra step and go the extra mile to deliver the best global logistics solutions for our customers. From time to time, we feature the offices from which the BDP Experience emanates, highlighting specialties, key accomplishments, and fun facts.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to BDP India, as told by the Managing Director, Pavithran M Kallada.

What Makes Mumbai Special: Our culture of multilinguistic backgrounds and staff from various state provinces of the country, who follow different cultures, practices, and traditions.  The workforce is young and dynamic and the average age of our team in Mumbai is around 35 years old. Our annual get-together at an offsite location is one of the most highly anticipated events for our team and is attended by everyone at our headquarters. 

Additionally, BDP India sees 30% of our business from Oil & Gas and Projects and the rest from our global competency of chemical companies. BDP India has 13 offices spread throughout the east and west coast of India. Each location is within close proximity to leading air and ocean ports, and two offices (Barmer and Kakinada) are very specific to service our Oil & Gas customers. BDP India proudly offers services to various industry verticals which include Chemical, Petrochemical, FMCG, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Life Science.