Is leadership inherent or learned?

When we go to the dictionary and find the word "leadership", we find the following definition: "the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this."

When I read this definition, the main question that comes to mind is: Do we learn how to be a leader through professional experience, or is it a personal/professional skill?  

In my opinion, there are some leadership skills that only require training and can be achieved by anyone, regardless of the level of experience, job title, or education. It's a matter of having the drive to achieve and the constant daily goal of whether or not you are going to follow through. I’ve listed some examples of leadership lessons that I’ve personally learned during my career:

  • Do not finish when you are tired; finish when you are done.
  • Only you can determine whether or not you make the extra effort; by giving your all every single day, you will lead others by example.
  • Keep learning something new every day, even small things! When attitudes of “I do not know" or "I do not care” infiltrate your work environment, they only project frustration and negativity.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say; this simple action will build a reputation of trust around you.
  • To care about the people around you, make the effort to understand their fears, pains or concerns and show your sincere intention to help them.
  • To respect the other people's time, do not make others to wait for you. Consider everyone else’s time as valuable as your own.


Throughout my life, I’ve never encountered a person who is 100% correct or accurate, all of the time. I can report though, that I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful leaders who have led with pride, success, and even an occasional mistake now and then.

The important part is that whether in the face of achievement or in a failure, they continue on, eager to lead the team and turning any minor mistakes into a new opportunity.