Sustainable solutions: How a LEARN Project led to reduced carbon emissions for FMC

Long-time partners to BDP, FMC emphasizes their commitment to sustainability, focusing on effectively reducing their environmental impact while also creating environmentally sound products. BDP approached FMC, who creates synthetic and biological crop protection products, with a proposal of a joint initiative, the LEARN Project, to identify possible ways of reducing FMC’s greenhouse gas emissions through an analysis of current trade routes. 

Throughout the project, BDP provided FMC with the knowledge necessary to assess and better understand their scope three emissions, the indirect emissions a company produces, through an examination of four of their main trade routes. This close analysis of FMC’s carbon emissions paves the way for more efficient and sustainable trade. 

“I think definitely having this information changes the conversation a little bit around making decisions around logistics, it’s a great first step,” said Valerie Vincent, Sustainability Analyst Intern at FMC.

FMC learned that switching to a more carbon efficient trade route would save up to 38% in carbon emissions. 

BDP provided the tools and expertise necessary for FMC to better understand their carbon impact, extending support to the company from beginning to resolution, and importantly, paving the way towards a more sustainable business model. 

Watch the full story below. The text version is available here.

BDP and FMC LEARN Project

BDP and FMC LEARN Project