Talking Trade: 2020 Import and Export Process Review

The beginning of a calendar year provides an excellent opportunity for companies to closely examine key parts of the business at an account level. There is often a huge focus on the transactional level - making sure we hit our monthly, quarterly, yearly numbers, etc., but before reviewing that aspect of the business, companies stand to benefit from an overall account analysis on the import/export side.

In our latest episode of Talking Trade, VP of Government and Industry Affairs, Michael Ford, presents an overview of steps that companies should take when analyzing certain components of their imports and exports. We touch upon broker powers of attorney, classification, ACE reporting and data elements of such, and routed orders, to name a few. 

What may seem like a simple or obvious step in the review process can yield huge results and in turn, a smoother supply chain. In an industry that by nature, is unpredictable, these small actions can help to put you more in control. 

Tune in to the full episode below for more details.

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