Talking Trade: Sustainability and Transportation

The global transportation industry is the biggest contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 14% of the total numbers. At this current rate, emissions from logistics will double by 2050, and ocean and air freight volumes will increase threefold.

Shippers are engaged in a variety of trends and initiatives to combat these alarming numbers, including reviewing and measuring emission levels and seeking alternative routings, participating in carbon offset programs, and seeking cleaner and more efficient fuel. Many of these initiatives can also lead to sufficient cost savings for companies in addition to decreasing emissions; a win-win!

With IMO 2020 going into effect on January 1, the industry is taking steps in the right direction to regulate and lessen the carbon footprint of the industry, but there is still more work to be done.

Tune in to the full episode below to hear my discussion with Global Sustainability Manager, Maureen Malia where we break down the current state of sustainability in the transportation industry, what these trends mean for the future, and how each of us can take small steps to lessen our carbon footprint on the industry.