The next generation of retail supply chains

E-commerce and fast fashion have drastically changed consumer shopping habits and demands. What began as a small internet based company focused on providing books, has forever changed and disrupted the state of the world, and, of retail as we know it. 

What once took several days of waiting has now been replaced with unprecedented promptness: we can instantly select what we want, and how fast we’ll receive it. Amazon has now grown to include delivery service that is nearly instantaneous and literally right to your doorstep, or in some cases, in your (car) door.

What does this shift mean for retailers? Not only must they compete on price, but prompt, same-day or next-day delivery logistics can mean the difference between a satisfied customer and lost business. 

“Logistics and transportation professionals reside in the disadvantageous position of being accountable for the final task in the chain: delivery,” comments Andrew McNamara Manager - Supply Chain Solutions. “At this point, the only thing standing between satisfying the customer and converting inventory into cash is getting freight where it needs to go, on time and in full.” 

In order to succeed in this new retail logistics environment, cost savings and reducing cycle time is crucial. Retailers will need to find ways to increase efficiency to meet growing customer demand. This requires several key components: access to shipment visualization tools, and an extensive, fully-integrated distribution network to reduce cycle time and ensure constant availability of products and increased speed of delivery. With these key components, retailers can make significant enhancements to the customer experience.  

Now more than ever, retailers, brands, and wholesalers need a logistics partner to innovate and deliver immediate results.

To find out more about BDP’s retail-centered solutions, check out our Retail Solutions page and demo of BDP’s visibility technology tailored specifically to the retail industry, BDP Smart Retail®.