The US government has what?

My post last week reviewed the working statuses of those items related to importing into and exporting out of the United States and the government shutdown.

As of Friday, January 25, the US government has been temporarily reopened, but that doesn’t mean all is back to normal; we still need to keep watch over all of the processes and orders that are now in motion.

We can expect all government workers to report back to their duties, however, I think we need to remind ourselves that being out of work for over a month may leave many things in an unresolved state. The government workers will have many challenges that will appear in front of them, and prioritizing to do. For instance: do they work on a month of unanswered emails? Or do they pick up the phone or deal with the issues at hand for today? If we place ourselves in their role/position you can see that many strategic decisions will need to be made.

If you have unanswered messages or licensed applications to file, I would suggest setting priorities within your efforts to ensure that all emergencies or “sky-is-falling” orders are processed immediately.

As the next few days progress, normalcy will set in and reports, new regulations, reviews, and audits will begin again by the governmental agencies. I would like to re-state that while government workers get back to their work schedules if any of your orders are stuck in the processing queue or status is unknown, please reach out to me with your questions. From there, I can provide you with the details that you need to keep order.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as new rounds of talks at the US government resume. It’s safe to say that the month of February will be just as interesting as the month of January was.