With exclusions extended, it’s time to review your imports

Michael Ford

Michael Ford

Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced March 23, 2022, that it is reinstating 352 product exclusions from Section 301 tariffs that had long expired. The exclusions effective date began October 12, 2021 and will extend through December 31, 2022.

The full list of reinstated exclusions are in the Federal Register notice, which can be viewed here.

The exclusions include 89 covered under Section 301 List 1 tariffs, 34 under List 2, 187 on List 3 and 42 exclusions covered by List 4.

While the exclusions do not cover all previously excluded goods, shippers can adjust any import entries that arrived in the USA on October 12, 2021, and beyond this date, as well as all other entries in which a China tax was applied.

Your next steps

Run your ACE Trade remedy report with entry dates starting with October 12, 2021, to quickly highlight the possible entries that would be impacted.

It becomes very important to review these entries that qualify for the exclusion by understanding the HTS number that was used on the original entry. Then be prepared to begin the post summary correction process or file a protest (if needed) so that you receive back from CBP the additional duty that was collected.


Should you have questions about ACE reports, the HTS numbers involved, or the post summary correction process, please contact your local BDP account manager.