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ship at port 19

BDP Trendwatch

BDP Trendwatch: The lull before the 'post-Suez storm' of vessel arrivals at North Europe ports, Cargo ship bottleneck off Los Angeles nears six-month mark, How some PAX airlines have fallen down in cargo

A round-up of the latest news headlines for the supply chain and logistics industry, Week 14 of 2021.

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import containers

Michael Ford Industry Insights

The new economy: "e-commerce" and the global digital tax issue

In his latest article, VP of Government and Industry Affairs, Michael Ford, reviews a recent announcement by the US Trade Representative's office related to the next steps in Section 301 investigations of Digital Service Taxes.

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back of tightly stacked cargo containers

David Ide Industry Insights

What is General Average and what does it mean for your cargo?

In his latest blog, David Ide - BDP's Global VP of Risk, outlines the maritime law of General Average and what it means for all affected stakeholders.

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container ship sailing through calm suez canal

BDP Trendwatch

BDP Trendwatch: Avalanche of containers bound for European ports sparks congestion fears, Suez canal shutdown highlights vulnerability of maritime chokepoints, Shanghai set to develop Hongqiao Airport - but not as a rival for Pudong

A round-up of the latest news headlines for the supply chain and logistics industry, Week 13 of 2021.

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Ship at sea in storm

Michael Ford Industry Insights Regulatory Compliance

The results are in, and we're listening!

At BDP's recent EMEA Supply Chain Summit, the audience was polled on areas of today's new work environment, including changing regulations and evolving challenges - Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs, reviews.

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