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COSCO container ship at port on hazy day with dark shadows

BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: Trendwatch Week 42

US shippers relieved by halt to Oct. 15 China tariff increase; IAG backs net-zero carbon emissions by 2050; Blockchain ship registration system under development

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Erin Scott Industry Insights Podcast

Talking Trade: USMCA or NAFTA 2.0?

In the latest episode of Talking Trade, Corporate Communications Manager Erin Scott interviews Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs on the evolution of NAFTA and what shippers and importers can expect from the USMCA.

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truck and car driving down highway

Neil Wheeldon Industry Insights

Adapting supply chains for increased consumer demand and same day shipping

Same-day and next-day shipping options are increasing, and consumers’ are beginning to desire expedited shipping options with minimal delay. Through new technologies, space optimization, and supply chain auditing, there are various ways companies can adapt to this demand. Neil Wheeldon, VP of Solutions reviews in his latest blog.

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US Capitol

Michael Ford Industry Insights

What The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act means for domestic producers

Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs examines the AMCA and how domestic producers can take advantage of potential cost savings.

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Tom Helk Industry Insights

Am I an (unintentional) DG violator?

Tom Helk, Manager of Hazardous Materials/Export Compliance, reflects upon a recent experience with an online battery purchase and explores a correlation with a possible DG violation.

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