2019: New year, new regulations

Aerial view of colorful containers on port

At BDP International, compliance is at the forefront of how we do business, each and every day. We work directly with our customers to review their supply chains, offering enhancements and regulatory best practices, and opportunities for improvement. 

Start 2019 off right and set your strategy up for success! Here are six free webinars coming up in Q1 to help you sharpen your compliance skills and build an effective -and compliant - global supply chain strategy.

1. Import Documents & Electronic Data 

Brush up on import documentation and how to manage your electronic data. Our team will give a high-level review of the status of ACE/single window, what is required under the Customs Regulations, post-entry documentation requirements, record retention best practices and why importers should consider CBP's (ISA) Importer Self Assessment program.

2. What regulations are important from which government agency? 

Every export shipment is subject to regulations from the US Government.  Our team will show you which Government agencies have export control regulations in place and how these regulations could impact your export shipments.

3. Anti-dumping

What is the same and what is new with Antidumping?  The new Antidumping Duty Evasion law has granted CBP a set of investigative tools to determine whether importers (and exporters) are engaging in tactics designed to evade payment of anti-dumping duties in various ways.  

4. Handling Airfreight 

Shipping your goods via air freight can be costly, yet very effective if you make the right decisions. Take the time to learn many of the industry standards that are used to determine costs and make sure that you understand all of the options that are available to you as the shipper of the cargo. 

5. Role of the Importer

Being an importer of record places regulatory responsibilities on your organization. Learn what is required, risks and liabilities, recordkeeping requirements, and why a properly executed power of attorney and Customs bond is important.

6. Incoterms and potential issues

How does your company view Incoterms?  There can often be misunderstandings about their use and purpose. We will explore proper usage of Incoterms and how best to utilize them in your international transactions and highlight potential problems.