"Alexa, track my shipment"

 Need a shipment tracked? Just ask Alexa. 

Upholding BDP International’s proven record of innovative logistics solutions, our newest feature, BDP Smart Suite powered by Amazon Alexa, offers hands-off optimized support for your order execution. Our industry-leading technology has continuously given customers the visibility they need to enhance their supply chain’s productivity and efficiency by providing transparent access to their information. 

Notably, BDP is the first freight forwarding company to offer international logistics tracking services through the use of Alexa technology. 

Track a shipment with BDP Smart on Amazon's Alexa

Tracking through Alexa is available to all BDP Smart customers, providing up-to-date details on shipments moving through the supply chain with searchable criteria, including reference and container number.

With BDP Smart and Amazon Alexa, your tracking management is optimized, highlighting our continued dedication to user-friendly logistics solutions and end-to-end data visibility. BDP Smart with Alexa is your tracking management made easier.

BDP Smart Classic

BDP Smart® Visibility

BDP Smart technology provides the visibility and certainty needed to put you firmly in control of your international order to cash cycle.

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