BDP Cares is Going Global

bdp istanbul school uniform drive

BDP Cares

As a global organization, we at BDP understand the importance of contributing to the local communities in which we operate, and where we live, work, play, and raise our own families around the world.

There have been many great initiatives and events organized by our global BDP Family - most recently, volunteers from our Philadelphia office participated in an event where backpacks were filled with school supplies for children in need. On the same note, our Houston office organized a school supplies drive to benefit children in their local community, and our teams in Asia Pacific volunteered at a local soup kitchen, a home for the elderly, and a build-a-bike event. 

The passion of our employees and their willingness to want to help others is so strong, that our team knew we had to make the BDP Cares initiative a global one.  With that in mind, we are thrilled to formally launch this program across the BDP world. 


BDP Philly Backpack A Thon
BDP Philadelphia participates in United Way's 2018 Backpack-A-Thon event

Volunteers can apply to serve as BDP Cares Committee members, with regional teams leading localized efforts and give-back events.

As BDP’s Chief Administration Officer Frank Bolte said, “Help isn’t something that’s only needed in one specific region; every community needs to be enriched, every community needs to be helped.” 

The inception of the BDP Cares program came after Superstorm Sandy, which hit the Northeast US in October 2012. From there, the BDP Cares Employee Relief Fund (ERF) a 501(c)(3) was officially established. The mission of the ERF was to provide basic necessities and temporary relief to assist full-time employees who suffered as a result of the disaster. So - what began as an employee relief fund for employees impacted by natural disasters around the world has really evolved to include charitable donations to local organizations within the communities that we operate - and even more impactful, the amount of hours our employees spend giving back under the BDP Cares umbrella, doing fantastic work in their local communities. Thus far, over $230,000 USD has been raised!

These efforts are championed by our employees throughout the organization, but BDP’s commitment to corporate social responsibility starts from the very top. At BDP, we’re a family, not a workforce. BDP Cares above any other program within the organization truly exemplifies this spirit - from our shareholders, including Frank Bolte, who was just named Humanitarian of the Year by the Make-A-Wish® Foundation in New Jersey. 

We’ve really decided to make BDP Cares a part of who we are as an organization. So each of our global leaders is challenged with coordinating an event within their community or region to give back.  We want to continue to formalize and give structure to BDP Cares, so we are expanding to have regional committees in Europe, Middle East Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Employees around the globe will have the opportunity to participate as committee members, making decisions about fund allocations, accruals, and events/organizations that BDP will support. At BDP, we’re a family, not a workforce. BDP Cares above any other program within the organization truly exemplifies this spirit - from our shareholders to all the good work our employees do around the world.

Our team couldn't be more excited to share this program with the BDP world, and we look forward to seeing our team members lead the charge to make a difference in their communities.

bdp bd gdps thailand build a bike
Members of BDP's Business Development Team participate in a Build-a-Bike event in Thailand