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Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares is an organization that believes in the power of education, and since 2007 has worked towards providing children and young people in developing countries with access to quality education through various opportunities and programs. When I first heard of Dubai Cares and their mission about a year ago, I registered for their volunteer program. The Walk for Education seemed like a fun but also an impactful way to give back to our local community and involve the BDP Dubai team.

The Walk for Education symbolizes the long distances many children in developing countries must walk in order to walk to school.

I have had the opportunity to travel a great deal throughout my life, and have witnessed many parts of the world where people are less fortunate than we are. We do not have the option to choose where we are born, and for many of us, the basic access to education is a right we can sometimes take for granted. As Dubai Cares mentions in their mission statement, “education is more than a human right, it is an irrevocable asset and essential right of every child. It is also one of the most effective tools to break the cycle of poverty.” If we, as BDP, by merely getting together as a team in a fun morning activity, can in any shape or form contribute to and support children in developing countries to get access to education, we absolutely should, and are happy to do so.

I am proud to work for a company like BDP International, where giving back to our local communities is not just talked about, but is encouraged and is truly a way of life.

This line of thinking not only benefits the communities in which we work, but it also boosts employee morale and gives people the opportunity to participate in something that is bigger. Our colleagues who participated are already discussing next year’s walk, how we can make bigger signs, stir up even more participation, and make more noise, so to speak. This reminds me of the words, “I only have one match, but I can make an explosion.” Through this small act of service, we can inspire each other to do greater things, and continue carrying the torch.

BDP Dubai Walk - Kirsten

I’ve been a part of BDP for over 12 years now, and I am proud to call myself a member of a company that is more of a home than a workplace, and where our team is more of a family than a workforce. The message to give back starts at the very top of our organization, where our BDP owners and leadership contribute to and support our BDP Cares program, as well as countless other community projects that give back to those who need it most.  Being a global company, yet supporting and acting locally within different communities around the world is not only amazing to see, but inspiring to be a part of.  

Working for a company with a heart truly does make a difference.