BDP in North Africa and Turkey: A Recipe for Success

BDP Ankara CSW 2017
BDP Ankara - Customer Service Week 2017

Over the past couple of years, BDP has achieved significant growth milestones in North Africa and Turkey. We solidified our presence in the region by opening offices in Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria) and Morocco (Casablanca and Tangier). In May, BDP Turkey celebrated seven successful and thriving years of business. Our rapid and profitable growth has won accolades in the region (we were recently ranked 25th of 500 export service companies by the Ministry of Economy in Turkey), with no signs of slowing down.

Now as we begin the new year, we are proud to call Kenya (Nairobi and Mombasa) our home! With its youthful, budding population, dynamic private sector, highly skilled workforce and advanced infrastructure, Kenya plays a pivotal role in the region’s industry. I am confident that under the leadership of our regional managers, the business will continue to flourish and expand, while providing a more comprehensive scope of logistics services to our customers operating in East Africa.

BDP Turkey - Seven Years in Business
Bolte BDP Turkey - project logistics manager crew 1

As we continue to invest in the region by launching operations in Kenya, our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers grows stronger and stronger. We are inspired by the goals and strategy set forth by our leadership team and work together to make them a reality.

Though we have grown and witnessed powerful change, one thing remains constant is the belief that BDP is our home. The emphasis on this value has sparked a flame of spirit and energy across the organization. We are dynamic and motivated team, willing to take the steps needed to continue expanding our footprint. Our people give their all each and every day, demonstrating passion, dedication, professionalism, expertise, and incredible teamwork.  

When you bring together the right people, in the right place at the right time, the possibilities are endless. For BDP, this combination has been the recipe to our success and prosperity. I am so proud to be a part of this organization. We believe in change, we are the change, and we will keep moving forward!