BDP India: a certified leader

Ship at port-Chennai

Earlier this month, BDP India was officially certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). For nearly 10 years, our team in India has worked tirelessly to provide integrated and industry-leading solutions to our customers, while ensuring that we reinforce BDP’s core values in our everyday operations. Our efforts to consistently operate in a compliant and secure manner were recognized earlier this month, as BDP India was officially certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

This certification is awarded by India’s Customs and Central excise department, and each organization must go through the audit process to be considered. The team in India completed a series of interviews and audits with Customs. The process involved a full examination of BDP’s daily business practices, including the financial, IT, and of course, the operations department. The audit required very specific compliance criteria in order to even be considered for the application.

Pavi Speaking at CHEMLOG

The status applies to BDP India’s freight forwarding services and logistics operations, including sea and air freight services, logistics support for marine packed chemical shipments, and project-related cargo shipments with facilitated with certain security and safety controls. This certification will be a differentiator for BDP’s customers in the region, as they can trust they are doing business with a partner who operates with the highest safety and security standards and regulatory compliance.

As a global logistics company, we wholeheartedly believe in providing the safest transportation solutions to our customers, keeping compliance at the forefront. This achievement by our team in India highlights our continued commitment to our customers, and our never-ending pursuit to integrate service differentiators into our global solutions portfolio.