BDP India: A Decade of Dedication

BDP India group pics with Leadership team

When BDP’s India operation began in 2008, we started with a single office and 3 employees.

Fast forward to 2018: BDP’s presence has expanded rapidly, boasting 15 locations throughout the country and over 300 employees. Led by a foundational promise to deliver the best logistics solutions to our clients, the team has made this our number one commitment throughout the course of the last decade. 

Pavi and Jason Carl - Global Management Meeting

Prepare, predict, prevail

India plays an integral role in the world trade economy. To service the country’s thriving market, we seek out highly skilled and knowledgeable employees to grow our teams. Thanks to their high level of expertise, we’ve been able to foresee the coming challenges brought on by the downturn in the Oil & Gas industry, and effectually respond by implementing innovative solutions for our global customers. This approach has enabled us to align our focus and capture market share by securing additional chemical customers. This has not only provided a new source of growth for the business overall - but it also opened new opportunities for continued professional growth for our employees. 


We’ve developed a vast knowledge of the Indian market over the years, giving us firsthand experience with the transportation challenges specific to our Chemical and Oil & Gas customers. The transport industry in India can be fragmented, with many potential interruptions to the supply chain. We have worked to develop trucking solutions for our customers, to meet these challenges head-on. 

BDP India Customer Service Week 2017


As trade compliance remains a top priority for global companies operating in India and Indian companies operating in the global market, the regulatory framework is constantly evolving. When the Indian government rolled out the GST (One Nation One Tax) initiative (adding complexities to an already evolving trade environment), many businesses and the supply chain industry as a whole faced the challenge of implementing this change without disrupting the flow of daily operations. BDP India ensured our systems were fully updated and also fully compliant, so that the implementation would be seamless for our customers. 


2018 and beyond: With plans to open two more India offices in 2018, there is no sign of BDP India slowing down any time soon. As we continue to expand, we hope to diversify our service offerings within the local manufacturing sector, while continuing to provide best-in-class solutions for our local and global customers.