BDP Netherlands: 14 years strong!

CEO & Chairman Rich Bolte and Regional Director, Northern Europe Bob Van Buren

Since its inception fourteen years ago, BDP Netherlands has witnessed significant expansion in our region. In August 2005, BDP Netherlands was established in a small Rotterdam-based office that had a capacity for four staff members. Just three months later, we were met with such demand that we already needed a bigger space to facilitate our promising employees and meet the needs of our thriving business. We tore down a wall and doubled the size of our office space - a space expected to last us at least a whole year.  

Four short months later, in February 2006, the office was full again. Realizing the exciting opportunities we had in the pipeline - and with no more walls to tear down to make more room - we decided to move offices, but managed to stay within the same office block. With our dynamic and motivated team and global expertise driving the business forward, we needed a facility that fit with our quickly expanding market and one that would allow room for more development. We moved to a space that had a capacity of 15, with a resolution to stay and develop our business here for a few more years. 

Throughout our growth and expansion, we have held strong to the belief that BDP is a home, not a workforce. Our aim has always been to have an open space, without walls, where people can stay connected. We strive to deliver the best to our global client base by offering innovative and comprehensive solutions, while also maintaining and promoting our ethos, which remains at the core of what we do every day. 

Six months later, in August 2006, the renovation crew was back at the office to tear another wall down and extend the office space once more. This is an exercise we repeated several times, emphasizing the fact that our customer-driven business continued to see year-on-year growth. More space was a non-negotiable for BDP Netherlands and further solidified our presence in the Dutch markets. 

Now, we host close to 100 colleagues in the same building, in the same office, without having moved once. 

BDP Rotterdam operation
BDP's Rotterdam office has sustained continuous growth since 2005

Not only is our current office space a testament to the expansion we have experienced over the last fourteen years, but also it provides a platform for further innovation and continued success for our global business practices and resolves to provide optimized supply chain solutions for our customers.