BDP Netherlands: 15 years of adventures, prosperity, and excellence!

BDP Netherlands

I would like to take you on a remarkable journey that started 15 years ago; an adventurous one filled with adversity and prosperity in which we overcame obstacles that led us to become what we are today: a prominent name in logistics services with excellent reputation, a top customer base and a phenomenal team. This is the journey that forced us to think differently- not in terms of obstacles, but in terms of solutions. What was initially seen as an obstacle, became our ally and our greatest differentiator. 

Our journey began August 1st, 2005 - exactly 15 years ago. Three people had the courageous and innovative mindset to start the adventure of opening the Dutch entity of BDP without knowing what the road ahead looked like.  

After setting up the Rotterdam office, Amsterdam followed during that same year, marking the beginning of a smooth start. On our first few years, our boisterous growth allowed us to obtain clients that not only remain with us today, but also grew along with us to a global level.

Although our journey seemed to be going very smoothly, we knew that sooner or later we would face some bumps on the road. We experienced out first serious obstacle in 2008 when a global crisis shook the economy to its foundations. Nevertheless, characteristic of BDP and our team, we overcame this setback with gusto: a slight faltering in growth, before finally resuming growth at full speed in 2009.  

In the years after, we experienced many adventures. Our swift growth forced us to expand our Rotterdam office various times without having to move once. In Amsterdam, after relocating various times, we found our home at a top location in a fantastic office. 

One of the nicest adventures we have had was the complete digitization of our operational and financial administrations. Our long-standing colleagues can say exactly how it used to be, they know exactly how the start of this project was and how it looks today. A journey full of adventures, adversity, obstacles, grief, sadness, irritation but before anything enjoyment and pride. The familial atmosphere, the nice parties and the numerous colleagues that are still around from the early days.  

Bob Van Buren gets Green Leaf Award 2018 from Johan Dewachter
Bob Van Buren, Regional Director of North Europe, accepts the Green Leaf Award for 2018 from Johan Dewachter, Regulatory Compliance Executive - Europe

15 years later, and our journey has reached 2020. Our team has grown to almost 100 people. Not only are we in the middle of an economic crisis, but also in the midst of a global pandemic. A new obstacle in our journey that once again proves that our team is superb. From one day to the next we were faced with the challenge of our staff working entirely from home.

Nevertheless, now is the time in which the experiences learned during our journey help us.  Among these experiences are digitization, automation, strict work processes in combination with the help from our colleagues at the EPIcenters, but above all, the restless dedication of our team.

The events of 2020 are just another obstacle that we will conquer and convert into an ally so that we can take what we learned from it and conquer the next obstacle with our newly acquired experiences. Here's to 15 more!