BDP office chronicles: Brazil

BDP Sao Paulo Brazil CSW 2017

An integral part of The BDP International Experience is our deeply rooted belief that we — all 4,850 of us — are a global family. We take the extra step and go the extra mile to deliver the best global logistics solutions for our customers. From time to time, we feature the offices from which The BDP Experience emanates, highlighting specialties, key accomplishments, and fun facts.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to BDP's Brazil office, ’São Paulo, Santos and Viracopos offices, as told by Brazil Country Manager, Raquel Loanda.

Specialty: Chemicals and Agribusiness.

Key Accomplishment: On March 17, 2018, we celebrated 18 years in Brazil.

Why The Office’s Location Matters: These three offices are located close to customs in Viracopos, Guarulhos, and Santos. We are near authorities, shipping lines, maritime agencies, port terminals, and we’re located in the main business area of these locations.

Favorite Music

Brazil is a country of diversity, so you can find several music styles around, including the famous “Samba,” country, pop, rock and classic.

Favorite Sport:Soccer is still Brazil’s biggest passion.

Favorite Film: Brazil is famous for its soap operas. But in the last few years, it has specialized in the cinema, releasing some comedy, police and cartoon films. The movie “Tropa de Elite” was a great success and champion of viewers.

Best Places to Eat Nearby: We have a variety of food options. If you want to eat European, Asian, American or Brazilian food, you can find it any time during the week. In São Paulo, we have famous steakhouses, such as Fogo de Chão, Jardineira and Rubaya. Meanwhile, Santos has exceptional seafood gastronomy.

Office at a Glance: We have an open-space office that promotes people integration.

What Makes BDP Brazil Special? Our environment is unique and our people are cheerful, lively and welcoming. Because of this, we consider BDP Brazil a wonderful place to work. All employees feel at home.