BDP office chronicles: Egypt

cairo egypt

An integral part of The BDP Experience is our deeply rooted belief that we — all 4,850 of us — are a global family. We take the extra step and go the extra mile to deliver the best global logistics solutions for our customers. From time to time, we feature the offices from which the BDP Experience emanates, highlighting specialties, key accomplishments, and fun facts.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to BDP Egypt, specifically, the Cairo location, as told by Emad Tawfik, Country Manager.

Location: "Heliopolis" dates back to ancient times when it was a place to worship the god Atum, but the ancient city declined after the Persians took control of Egypt in 525 BC.

The modern city of "Heliopolis" was established in 1907 by the Belgian Baron Empain, with a streetcar line running between Heliopolis and central Cairo.

Key Accomplishments: We celebrated our second year in business in 2018, and also secured two of our largest accounts. 

Office Specialty: Ocean, Air, Inland transportation, and Customs Brokerage

Favorite Sport: Football

Why the Office’s Location Matters, Strategically, to BDP and Its Customers: Egypt is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia.  With the Suez Canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, it makes Egypt in the center of attention for foreign investment, trade and export deals.  

Best Food Options Nearby: Many major fast food chains and casual diners in addition to authentic Egyptian restaurants.

Favorite Film: Avengers (because we like to think we are superheroes!)

What Makes BDP Egypt Special: Our staff is dedicated and motivated to make BDP Egypt's locations (Alexandria, Cairo, and most recently, Port Said) a huge success.