BDP's Commitment to Responsible Care®

bdp na canada employees present responsible care
BDP Canada employees presenting the Responsible Care® global charter.

This week at BDP International, we are celebrating Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Week. Our employees from around the globe have participated in various activities and education initiatives that focus on pertinent industry issues like sustainability and safety. 

speaking about responsible care global charter at outside venue
BDP Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs, Michael Ford, signing the Responsible Care® global charter.

One major focus area, in particular, is BDP’s Responsible Care® initiative - which is timely, as the initiative recently marked its 30th anniversary of keeping the world’s supply chains safer. 

Responsible Care® is a global initiative that began in Canada in 1984. Since its inception, it has become the globally recognized sustainability initiative for the chemical industry, spreading its footprint to over 60 countries around the world. It is a voluntary program, in which partner companies commit to the strict adherence of handling chemicals in the safest and most responsible manner. 

“For over 15 years, BDP has been a proud partner of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® initiative,” says Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs, Michael Ford. As a partner, our commitment to Responsible Care® includes everything from safe chemical logistics management (zero spills, zero leaks) to chemical security and environmental protection. “It is a cornerstone of how we do business with our customers, for whom we move chemicals on a daily basis.” 

Since 1995, Responsible Care® companies have helped reduce distribution incidents by 70%.* “Responsible Care® is both a code of ethics and a solid business model with a proven track record for performance improvements,” comments Susanne Anderson, BDP Global Responsible Care Leader. 

In celebrating Responsible Care® during EHS week, we reinforce our commitment to this initiative by educating and training our employees on the safest handling practices.

“Simply put,” says Anderson, “all of us in the global, chemical supply chain have a responsibility to safeguard chemical products.”

*Source: American Chemistry Council’s ‘Responsible Care® by the numbers