Compliance and customs brokerage provide the winning solution

oil and gas drilling rigs in the sunset

For a world leader in the oil and gas industry, complex shipments require a partner with vast experience who can provide the right solutions to meet the intricate needs of the business. In a recent bid, BDP International was able to develop customized solutions involving regulatory compliance and import brokerage to secure business for a major player in the oil and gas world. 

The Challenges

The client was searching for a partner with the capability to process a high volume of oil & gas specific import brokerage files. Because of the client’s widespread contracts throughout the region, this was a necessity. Additionally, the client’s previous service provider partnered with them for 15 years, making it somewhat challenging to incorporate new technology and facets of the changing landscape in the country’s logistics and compliance needs. Some of the client’s principal end customers were also located in remote locations, making it difficult to build relationships and coordinate various documentation processes, so they wanted a partner with pre-existing relationships with many of their end customers.

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Solution Development

Before the bid was issued, BDP’s team spearheaded an initiative to build relationships at various levels with the customer, so that the team could become familiar with the client’s different needs and priorities. The team in India was also handling various ad-hoc and specified project-based business with the client since 2010. 

They examined the client’s current work processes for customs clearance and tender management. Thanks to the team’s in-depth knowledge of compliance in the local import customs brokerage arena, they were able to provide improvement suggestions to the customer which would minimize import clearance times and bring cost efficiency.  

This established relationship coupled with organizational execution capability by the BDP team were differentiators for the customer, thereby winning the business.

“Our core competency in both compliance and oil and gas customs brokerage were the true successes.” Mr. Naveen Surana, BDP India

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