100 Years of Oil & Gas in Colombia

BDP Colombia team at the Oil & Gas Summit in Bogota
BDP Colombia team at the Oil & Gas Summit in Bogota

The Colombian Petroleum Association recently held the first Oil and Gas Summit in Bogotá. The summit brought together more than 5,000 national and international attendees to commemorate 100 years of the oil & gas industry in Colombia. 

In 1918, crude oil was first discovered in the La Cira-Infantas field (Barrancabermeja). When production started, the well produced around 40 barrels a day. Fast forward 100 years and the La Cira-Infantas now produces 46,000 barrels a day. Overall, Colombia produces over 860 thousand barrels a day.

Colombia is the fourth largest producer in Latin America and among the top 20 producers globally.

No doubt the oil and gas industry is a driving force of Colombia’s economy. It provides electrical reliability to industries and homes, allows the countryside to be more productive, and provides resources to the country, unlike any other economic activity.

During the summit, our team gained a fresh, in-depth view of the challenges companies in this sector are facing. BDP Colombia sees both new challenges and great opportunities for the industry, as multinational companies have resumed investments in the country. With this insight and our expertise in this sector, BDP Colombia is concentrating efforts to initiate new strategies to deliver solutions. We look forward to new opportunities in this important and expanding market!

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