Domestic, intra-regional shippers benefit from BDP Surface

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Improving the Bottom Line

It’s no secret that knowledge and tools — provided by a dedicated team of logisticians — in this industry can almost instantly help you gain control and improve your bottom line.

BDP Surface does just that, offering a full suite of transportation and business intelligence services and solutions for domestic and intra-regional shippers. BDP’s experts mesh with your logistics team, serving as a knowledgeable extension and providing tools to achieve real command of transportation processes and total landed cost.

BDP Surface is driven by TBL Services, a recognized leader in domestic Transportation Management systems and scalable solutions. Our approach encompasses everything, from benchmark to sourcing to TMS to freight pay and audit to execution.

Our experienced teams design, develop, and manage a solution for you, which can positively impact single-shipment brokerage to full-service transportation. It’s easy to access with intuitive, self-service, Web-based technology to show cost reductions, ongoing carrier screenings and more.

Learn more about BDP Surface’s custom solutions, including sample transportation rates and agreements benchmark.