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Il Giornale della Logistica, a leading Italian news source on the logistics industry, recently released press coverage of this event. To read the article (in Italian), click here.

Recently, a team of members from BDP International in Italy hosted a special educational event called “Flash Forward”, held at the Linate Scalo Merci warehouse. During this one-day conference, BDP provided customers with a unique, behind the scenes tour of a temperature controlled air shipment destined from Italy to the United States. Presently, the United States represents the largest market in the world for pharmaceutical goods and a vertical where BDP is proud to serve some of the biggest names in the industry.

The inception of the event came from an idea early in 2017: while BDP has over 50 years of expertise in the chemical industry, we also wanted to let customers know that because of this experience, we also have the skill set and solutions offerings to handle pharmaceutical goods. The event was successful because the team was able to involve all parties and stakeholders involved with the shipping process; from the shipper to the consignee, and of course, BDP.  

“As the point of contact with our customers day-in and day-out, our team is well-versed in their needs and questions that arise. As such, we wanted to try something a little different, and be sure that we provided a one of a kind experience that gave full insight and knowledge into the process as a whole”, said Simona Ravera, Director of Sales EMEA. 

Flash Forward Tour in Empty Warehouse
“Flash Forward” was held at the Linate Scalo Merci warehouse, where attendees experienced a unique, behind the scenes tour of the journey of a temperature controlled air shipment.

Gerry Fama, Global VP of Transport Sales, attended the Flash Forward event, and commented: “It’s fundamental to be ready as the market is oriented to the future. As BDP is still a family owned company, this allows us to make fast decisions – to be in front of the customers – close to them.” 

Some of the feedback from customers who attended include, “this is a pioneer initiative organized by BDP International”, “the content was excellent”, “this truly makes BDP a key differentiator”, and “BDP should absolutely replicate this event”. 

Our team was proud to present this unique experience to our customers and we look forward to planning many more BDP events to give our customers further insight to the BDP Experience!

BDP created a FlashForward community, where our BDP experts act as the moderator to discuss and analyze hot topics in the Life Science and Healthcare Supply Chain. Customers are encouraged to submit their inquiries or questions on best practices, routings, etc. as a way to share knowledge and insight among the group. 

Life Sciences and Healthcare play a major part in BDP’s overall business strategy for growth - “BDP sees a very bright future in the rapidly expanding market of Life Sciences and Healthcare. We are ready to meet the needs of this dynamic industry with our extensive portfolio of solutions and service offerings”, said CEO and Chairman Rich Bolte. 

Gerry Fama - Flash Forward
"As BDP is still a family owned company, this allows us to make fast decisions – to be in front of the customers – close to them.” - Gerry Fama, Global VP of Transport Sales
Flash Forward Attendees
Attendees of the 2017 Flash Forward Event