Sailing new seas: The future of BDP Turkey

BDP Ankara Turkey

Editor’s note: There have been some great accomplishments from our team in Turkey this year, notably the AEO certification, the 7 year anniversary, and BDP’s growth. Now, our GSS Vice President, Gerry Fama, will give his unique perspective on the atmosphere, culture, and driving forces behind our team’s projected success in the region.

Every time I go back to Turkey, the words of the great Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet come to my mind: “The most beautiful sea hasn’t been crossed yet… The most beautiful days we haven’t seen yet. And the most beautiful words I wanted to tell you I haven’t said yet…” 

Venturing to this country, centered directly between Europe & Asia, is always a new challenge for me. The life of a salesperson can present many challenges, and here in Turkey, it is no different. As with any industry, the competition is fierce, and multiple opportunities for new business requires multiple meetings with potential customers, often in the same day.

In the face of steep competition and demanding customers, what is the team’s secret to success?

A strong will, devotion to our service, and a sense of belonging. A core value at BDP is that we are a family, not a workforce. And in a family, everyone works together to achieve a goal.

Our GSS Team in Turkey is a solid, passionate team with great energy and a diverse skill set ready to take on the challenges of this flourishing economy.

BDP Turkey - Seven Years in Business

Though many seem to think the Turkish market is only aimed at "hit and run" requests, or “ad-hoc” services - this is incorrect. I’ve seen first hand the demand for long-term partnerships.

In one meeting, a large Turkish multinational company sought out BDP to help them to improve efficiency and cost savings with 4PL support. In another meeting with a large construction firm, whose underlying mission is to drive sustainability and partnering with companies who are committed to responsible practices, BDP’s strong ethics program and compliance expertise were differentiators.

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I am thrilled that BDP is partnering with customers to bring them into a new phase of optimizing their supply chain, thanks to our services, our innovations, our technology tools, and of course, our people.

We are proud to partner with our customers to find a solution that will work for their business, no matter how large, or how small their needs may be. We are committed to being innovators, champions of excellence, and offering unparalleled service that delivers the best global logistics solutions. 

As I close out a long day of meetings, I reflect on how much the poet's words adhere to our logistics culture and to our daily teamwork: together we will sail new seas, together we will see new places, and together we will tell the most beautiful words to remind us that this is our family, One BDP!