How BDP International and Saint-Gobain brought all the logistics tools into 1 toolbox

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The history

When you're a universally respected, over 350-year-old global leader in the manufacturing of building and high-performance materials, transporting your products around the world is a significant financial investment. And it's an investment that Saint-Gobain has entrusted with BDP International since 2014, as Elisabeth Fornés, Global Supply Chain & Compliance Manager at Saint-Gobain, details in our latest case study.

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Consolidating the 'Toolbox'

With trucks, planes and vessels carrying Saint-Gobain's products to 48 countries, and no real way to capture the shipments across the multiple business units, a solution was needed. A solution to centralize the logistics information and provide complete visibility - a solution such as BDPSmart®, which streamlined data across multiple business units into a single global platform. Or, as Fornès stated, how is Saint-Gobain shipping? Where do they ship from? How can they consolidate?

"We had the hammer. We had the nails. It was all in that box. But, it was all from different companies that we had to meet. We had different platforms we had to go get that information from. With BDP, the whole package came in that toolbox, but at one location with a dedicated team...and we decided this was going to bring Saint-Gobain not just a solution, but a partnership that is true service. Something that is real - a loyalty, almost." 


See - and hear - how BDP built trust and continues to make a business impact for Saint-Gobain:

BDP & Saint-Gobain Case Study

BDP & Saint-Gobain Case Study