In good times and bad, proper trade risk management is key

sea port containers and cranes

From one minute to the next, the world changes. Regulations shift, government agencies’ requirements change and risk rises.

Never has Trade Risk Management been more important to the supply chain than in today’s global climate. Customs compliance isn’t easy, but BDP International is keenly aware of the challenges and works to provide importers and exporters around the planet with certainty and experience.

Here's how we do it: Think of our dedicated team as an extension of your own; we know the intricacies of your business and the industry regulations, providing you with the full scope of our expertise. We are also well versed in Free Trade Agreement qualifications and issuances and work directly with our customers to ensure your business is maximizing the opportunities available to you.

It’s unfortunate, but devastating moments like Hurricane Katrina highlight the importance a proactive partner’s expertise can have on ensuring precise location and visibility of a company’s cargo during natural disasters. We found ourselves in that exact spot in August 2005 with our customer, DuPont, as this case study details.

From trade compliance assessments and risk management to government compliance and security programs (i.e., CTPAT, AEO), and tariff and export control classification services, as we proudly proclaim on the homepage of our website: BDP International continues to deliver what matters, safely.

“Information really was the key component...that’s why we need reliable outside resources like BDP. Their service was definitely above and beyond, as they responded to a series of chaotic events, which were constantly changing."


house destroyed from hurricane katrina