Leading our commitment to sustainability: the Green Leaf Award

Bob Van Buren gets Green Leaf Award 2018 from Johan Dewachter
Bob Van Buren, Regional Director of North Europe, accepts the Green Leaf Award for 2018 from Johan Dewachter, Regulatory Compliance Executive - Europe

With sustainability at the forefront of the global transportation stage, now more than ever companies must focus on additional ways to operate in a more environmentally responsible manner.

At BDP, we are proud and honored to recognize the innovative and sustainable efforts of our employees through the Green Leaf Award.

Created in 2014, the Green Leaf Award highlights an employee-driven initiative or project within the organization that focuses on sustainability for BDP, and ultimately, for our customers. In order to be considered for the award, we evaluate the following criteria:

  • An initiative must be efficient and effective; with the betterment of the environment, society and economics in mind.  

  • The benefits must be clearly outlined; including metrics/results that highlight the environmental/social and economic savings.

  • An initiative must be a proven and established project, and more than a conceptual idea.

  • It may be a project that has been implemented for years, yet other offices/regions can benefit from the existing initiative.

As sustainability is one of BDP’s core values, this is a concrete way to practice what we preach, while calling attention to the efforts and endeavors by BDP employees to create a more environmentally friendly workplace. We encourage our employees to think outside of the proverbial box and think about how processes can be changed for the better.

For the second time, BDP Rotterdam won the Green Leaf Award. This year’s winning project was digitizing an internal invoice process. Through the use of BDP’s paperless document storage system, and working in collaboration with colleagues across the globe, the team was able to successfully implement this new process. The project saved a significant amount of time (more than 100 hours/week), paper, and ultimately, led to financial cost savings for the office while making the process more efficient, effective, and of course - environmentally friendly! The BDP Rotterdam office has excelled in their sustainable efforts time and time again, and their commitment is a true testament to BDP’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Bob van Buren & team win green leaf award
Members of the BDP Rotterdam team with the 2018 Green Leaf Award