Optimizing cargo flow through better supply chain visibility, control

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When you design and engineer connected products for automakers, consumers and enterprises worldwide, you could use a solid control tower to provide enhanced supply chain visibility.

That’s that type of solution Stamford, Connecticut-based HARMAN — a major player in connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions and the Internet of Things — sought from BDP International. Before engaging with BDP, HARMAN encountered a lack of supply chain visibility across multiple vendors, which was a significant problem.

“HARMAN cannot afford to have problems with their shipments,” said Michelle Chan, HARMAN’s Account Manager.

“The impact of a production shutdown for a lifestyle manufacturer would be huge. When you have to deal with more than 50 vendors in different countries, transparency and communications are key.”

Since coming aboard, BDP has helped HARMAN to optimize the ideal transport mix based on lead time, delivery days, cost and carbon emissions, rather than the mode of transportation.

BDP’s goal was clear: improve shipment planning, visibility, and order traceability; reduce inventory at buffer points; and create a more stable, integrated and synchronized supply chain setup.

To do so, BDP served as the control tower, owning all integrated activities, including PO management, buyer consolidation, transportation via ocean, air or land, customs clearance, and warehousing. And it’s all provided through BDP Smart Vu, the all-inclusive web-based solution to vendor management and supplier logistics.

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“BDP helped to bridge the gap between HARMAN and our overseas vendors,” said Connie Chen, Senior Manager of Sales & Operations, Professional Solutions, HARMAN. “Now we have the entire supply chain and vendor network under control.”

HARMAN’s service level has been continuously upgraded, leading to higher revenue increase, overall end-user satisfaction and road for future growth.

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