Empowering our customers and building trust

Our Supply Chain Summits have concluded for 2018, with the grand finales taking place in Shanghai and Singapore.  We continue to empower our customers by providing insightful knowledge from both BDP speakers and industry leaders. The Shanghai and Singapore events saw a total turnout of 217 customers from 120 different companies, some of our highest attendance numbers to date. 

2 main topics headlined the event discussions, trade tensions in Shanghai and digitalization in Singapore. 

The focus on trade tensions between the world's 2 largest economies drew much attention amongst the Chinese audience. Audience members engaged with speakers and even participated in polling activities about the impacts of tariffs on their supply chains.

Rich Bolte presenting in Singapore 2018
BDP Chairman & CEO, Rich Bolte, welcomes attendees in Singapore

For the first time ever, we included an interactive panel discussion (in both Shanghai and Singapore) where participants and audience members discussed this hot topic from direct and indirect angles, as well as the current megatrends impacting us today.  

The topic on digitalization was discussed in 2017 summits. But this time around, the experts expanded the discussion to provide insight on embracing digitalization, creating a good eco-system, and tips on how to be relevant and survive in the marketplace. Experts from the trade union, customs, terminal operator, consulting firm to a bank - shared what and how their respective industries are developing their eco-systems, and involving various stakeholders to help meet their objectives in propelling themselves forward! 

A lot of thought-provoking moments were seen and felt as the audience asked many questions to both the speakers and through BDP’s event app. The audience was engaged and departed the event with data, information, and knowledge.

In today's competitive landscape, we have to continuously differentiate ourselves substantially more than others. Customers recognize and are aware as to who brings true value in a partnership. At BDP, we see the importance of hosting these knowledge-sharing events, so that our customers can gain knowledge and insight from BDP as their provider, industry experts, and by interacting with one another. By dedicating ourselves to curating the best experts and bringing them to our customers, we seek to empower them to be better prepared and well informed.

Kudos to BDP’s ownership and leadership teams who understand what it takes to build high trust by investing in the summits series, and here’s a salute to the entire global work team who made our 8th annual Singapore and 2nd annual Shanghai Summits, a success!

Shanghai audience 2018
Attendees participate in live polling during the Shanghai Supply Chain Summit

The customers are waiting for us in 2019, and we’re ready!