Talking Trade: Economic Sanctions and the First Line of Defense

red flag

Economic sanctions are by nature, constantly changing and evolving due to myriad factors - shifting regulations, trade patterns, and of course, international relations just to name a few. Companies in today's complex global landscape face many challenges, and ensuring compliance should be top of mind. Supply chains in particular are especially susceptible to possible risk threats, as so many transactions are done in separate locations, relying heavily on the integrity and ethics of all parties within each transaction. 

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced updated guidance that focuses on how companies can effectively monitor and prove their operations are compliant. In the latest episode of Talking Trade, BDP's Chief Legal Officer, Catherine Muldoon, breaks down the direction from DOJ and takes an in-depth look at the required components to establish a compliance program that starts at the top and how to maintain a company-wide culture of compliance.

We also discuss some red flags, both common and not so common, and how to make sure your company and in turn, your customers are not at risk. 

Tune in to the full discussion below.