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Shipping containers at the port of bangkok

BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: Trendwatch Week 15

US proposes tariffs on $11B of EU imports and the IMF cuts global growth outlook to the lowest pace since crisis.

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data analytics graph on tablet and poster

Regulatory Compliance

Improve your skill set with our upcoming Import/Export webinars

Take a look at BDP's full schedule of upcoming import/export webinars designed to keep you and your business well-versed in best practices.

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Yellow semi parked at truck station

BDP International Newswatch

Truck wait times rise to 5 hours as CBP reassigns staff on US-Mexico border

The border slowdown began on March 28, a day after CBP hosted a press conference in El Paso, Texas. With hundreds of migrants being apprehended and placed into custody each day, the federal agency said it needed to reassign its labor to deal with the situation.

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container ship in blue ocean sky

BDP International Sustainability

Sustainable solutions: How a LEARN Project led to reduced carbon emissions for FMC

BDP International and FMC teamed up on a LEARN Project, focused on measuring emissions using the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework and identifying opportunities for increased efficiencies on selected trade lanes.

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