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BDP International CEO Corner

A message from Chairman and CEO, Rich Bolte: The diversity of our employees worldwide is a great strength

We are a company of over 5000 diverse individuals. As stated in the BDP Code of Conduct, ‘we believe that the diversity of our employees worldwide is a great strength…’ This diversity defines our culture, strengthens our global bond, and is what makes us so wonderfully unique.

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Erin Scott Covid-19 Talking Trade

Talking Trade: BDP's Virtual Supply Chain and Regulatory Recap

When COVID-19 forced the cancellation of BDP's annual Supply Chain Summit in Antwerp, Belgium, the team mobilized to orchestrate a virtual event to discuss the major challenges faced by global companies in today's reality. We'll hear snippets from some of the top industry executives from the air, ocean, and regulatory realms.

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BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: BDP Trendwatch Week 23

Inactive container shipping fleet hits all time of 11.6% of capacity; China halts some U.S. farm imports, threatening trade deal; No-deal Brexit threat looms over pandemic-ravaged UK

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Michael Ford Industry Insights

Classify correctly, save time and money!

Every year, over 8000 different product classifications are exported from the United States to the world. By knowing your correct classification number and setting it up in advance of time of shipment, you will save time and effort and will establish an excellent practice assuring consistency of your descriptions for your products.

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BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: BDP Trendwatch Week 22

Freight forwarders call for extension to Brexit transition period; Global port throughput 'bounced back' in March, Drewry says; US hits back at China’s alleged attempts to restrict airlines

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