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Neil Wheeldon Industry Insights

Managing evolving shipper relations in your supply chain

Neil Wheeldon, VP of Solutions, discusses best practices for shippers when it comes to managing the navigation of evolving shipper relationships in an ever-changing world.

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dangerous goods label on drum next to pallet stacked barrels

Tom Helk Industry Insights

Dangerous goods violations are finally getting pricey

Tom Helk, Manager-Hazardous Materials/Export Compliance, reviews how dangerous goods violations are becoming increasingly expensive for those who do not follow proper protocols.

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Aerial yard view - containers at port

Erin Scott Podcast

Talking Trade: Tariffs and Incoterms - a podcast!

In the first edition of our Talking Trade podcast, Corporate Communications Manager Erin Scott interviews Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs about the churning international trade wars and what potential implications this could lead to with Incoterms 2020.

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BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: Trendwatch Week 38

Trade and the impact on imports and exports in 2020; Trump tariffs to hit Europe's luxury-goods exporters; Examining autonomous ships' vulnerability to piracy

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Neil Wheeldon Industry Insights

Trade and the impacts on imports and exports in 2020

Neil Wheeldon, VP of Solutions, discusses how the uncertainty generated from Brexit, US – China trade war, Japan – South Korea trade wars, coupled with a general discontentment with a global trend towards widening income inequality is creating a toxic mix of uncertainty for international companies.

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