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vessel loading containers at port

BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: Trendwatch Week 7

Brexit, US trade deals with China & self-driving trucks: Here's what we're reading about this week.

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British flag dart hits bulls-eye on black and gold dartboard

BDP International Industry Insights

Brexit and your business: Are you prepared for March 29?

Since the 2016 vote, the British government has been working with the EU to develop and finalize a proposed deal for the UK’s departure, which is set to happen on March 29, at 11 pm. As of yet, there has been no agreement, leaving the possibility for a number of scenarios, including a hard Brexit, soft Brexit, no deal, or on hold Brexit.No matter the outcome, there are steps your business can take now to prepare.

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Hapag Lloyd ship at Antwerp port

BDP International

National strike announced in Belgium

Three Belgium trade unions have called for a country-wide general strike next Wednesday over wage disputes, which could cause major delays and interruptions.

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woman taking photo of ship crossing under bridge

BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: Trendwatch Week 6

Trump's stance on trade, the future of the oil and gas industry and 3D printing: Here is a round-up of what we're reading this week.

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Hershey Kisses

BDP International Supply Chain Management

BDP brings visibility and control to HERSHEY's Chocolate

How BDP International supported HERSHEY Malaysia in their efforts to export goods to 27 markets and double 2017 delivery quantities.

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