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Erin Scott Industry Insights Podcast

Talking Trade: 2020 Import and Export Process Review

In the latest episode of Talking Trade, VP of Government and Industry Affairs Michael Ford reviews some excellent business practices for companies to have in place as they examine their overall import and export processes.

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look out airplane window over cargo ships in ocean

Jose A. Martinez Industry Insights

Supply chain visibility, reimagined

In his latest blog post, Jose Martinez, Regional Director of South Europe takes a deep dive into supply chain visibility and its evolution.

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Michael Ford Industry Insights

Tariff classification: Trust the process

VP of Government and Industry Affairs Michael Ford reviews the proper steps to consider when reviewing the correct classification of a product.

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US department of commerce building with american flag

Michael Ford Industry Insights

New steel and aluminum tariffs set to take effect February 8

Michael Ford, VP of Government and Industry Affairs reviews the announcement of additional tariffs on steel and aluminum products set to take effect on February 8.

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cranes loading MSC and Maersk containers on ship

BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: BDP Trendwatch Week 5

Supply chains plan for coronavirus disruption; US expands tariffs to cover steel- and aluminum-based items; What changes after Brexit Day on Jan. 31?

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