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Michael Ford Industry Insights Covid-19

Amid uncertainty, companies express need for heightened service and predict economic turnaround

On April 21, BDP International conducted a virtual regulatory event for a wide array of companies from multiple industries and multiple countries and polled participants about the current and future challenges for their business.

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Computer planning

Deborah Tan Talking Trade Covid-19

Talking Trade: Business Continuity Planning - Preparing for disruption

In the latest episode of Talking Trade, Corporate Counsel for Asia Pacific, Eugene Nai, sheds some light on what is vital and essential for a good BC plan. He also talks about how government policies might affect businesses leading to force majeures and possible recourses if a company is unable to meet its contractual commitments.

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MSC containers on ship at ocean port with cranes

BDP Trendwatch

What We're Reading: BDP Trendwatch Week 18

Blank sailings have reached their scheduled peak; China crackdown on shoddy PPE exports pushing air cargo rates even higher; 20 Port authorities pledge to keep seaborne trade moving

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taj mahal

Erin Scott Talking Trade Covid-19

Talking Trade: COVID-19 and India

In the latest episode of Talking Trade, BDP's Managing Director for India, Mr. Pavi Kallada, provides an in-depth look at the current logistics market in India in light of the recently extended government lockdown.

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Filip Foncke BDP Experience Covid-19

Top 10 ways to keep your team on track for success in a crisis

Filip Foncke, Director of Operations - BDP Belgium, provides insight as to how leaders can set their teams up for success amid challenging times.

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