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train station

Filip Foncke BDP Experience Leadership

Continuous Improvement: 6 ways to motivate your team on the 'Train of Change'

In his latest blog, Mr. Filip Foncke, Director of Operations - Antwerp, reviews how organizational leaders can promote, encourage, and inspire team members to both adapt to and welcome the changes to come in a 'new' normal world.

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Hamburg Sud ship

BDP Trendwatch

BDP Trendwatch: Fewer blank sailings over CNY, Shippers and Forwarders claim carriers breach contracts, Brexit Customs checks make a quiet debut

A round-up of the latest news headlines for the supply chain and logistics industry, Week 1 of 2021.

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Medical mask

Michael Ford Covid-19 Industry Insights

An update on Personal Protective Equipment exports for 2021

In his latest blog, Michael Ford reviews a recent announcement by FEMA as it relates to updated requirements for exports of PPE.

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aluminum lamp

Michael Ford December 31, 2020 Industry Insights

The International Trade Administration issues a final rule on aluminum products that will require an import license

Michael Ford reviews the recent announcement by the International Trade Association (ITA) regarding a final rule that will significantly impact the importing of aluminum products.

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containers on loading pier

Erin Scott December 31, 2020 Talking Trade Industry Insights

Talking Trade: Two trade issues we're watching and why

In our latest episode, VP of Government and Industry Affairs, Michael Ford, takes a close look at two important trade issues that can have a major impact on US companies, especially as the end of year approaches.

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