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train station

Filip Foncke BDP Experience Leadership

Continuous Improvement: 6 ways to motivate your team on the 'Train of Change'

In his latest blog, Mr. Filip Foncke, Director of Operations - Antwerp, reviews how organizational leaders can promote, encourage, and inspire team members to both adapt to and welcome the changes to come in a 'new' normal world.

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James Haak BDP Experience Covid-19

5 tips for strengthening corporate culture during COVID-19

James Haak, Senior Manager - Training, Education & Development reviews methods and strategies that leaders can deploy to keep their teams connected and engaged during COVID-19.

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BDP Netherlands

Bob Van Buren BDP Experience

BDP Netherlands: 15 years of adventures, prosperity, and excellence!

Bob van Buren, Regional Director for North Europe, reflects on the remarkable 15-year journey of the BDP Netherlands enterprise since its inception in 2005.

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Filip Foncke BDP Experience Covid-19

Top 10 ways to keep your team on track for success in a crisis

Filip Foncke, Director of Operations - BDP Belgium, provides insight as to how leaders can set their teams up for success amid challenging times.

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Europe Sales team

Gerry Fama BDP Experience

5 years strong: a reflection

Gerry Fama, Vice President - Europe, Business Development Solutions, reflects on his 5 year anniversary at BDP and what his journey has taught him thus far.

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