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European Union HQ in Brussels

Michael Ford Industry Insights

2020: A year of challenges, but also opportunities

On September 28, 2020 the EU commission issued a “plan of action” calling on all member states to embrace many changes that are so desperately needed in today’s new world.

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Michael Ford Industry Insights

Filing your export data or not?

The Census Bureau is requesting information to assess potential impacts of a regulatory change in the filing requirements and to identify stakeholder priorities for data quality and availability.

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nile river 2c egypt

Michael Ford and Emad Tawfik Industry Insights

Improving trade facilitation in your supply chain, the Egyptian way

If your global supply chain involves any importing or exporting with the country of Egypt then many new exciting and beneficial developments are underway.

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Cargo Inspection customs

Michael Ford Industry Insights

The clock is ticking - update your marks!

In his latest article, Michael Ford reviews a recent update from CBP regarding marks on goods produced in Hong Kong and how shippers can prepare for this change.

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Medical mask

Michael Ford Industry Insights Covid-19

An update on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) regulations

In his latest blog, Michael Ford - Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs, reviews a recent Federal Register announcement from FEMA regarding recent updates on export controls for PPE.

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