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Ground Transportation truck

BDP International Supply Chain Management

Domestic, intra-regional shippers benefit from BDP Surface

See how BDP International can help shippers manage the domestic facet of transportation through web-based technology and a dynamic transportation management system.

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BDP International Industry Insights Supply Chain Management

Part two: Less than 10 percent of firms have supply chain visibility

In the second part of our visibility segment, read how BDP International brought end-to-end supply chain visibility to a petrochemical customer's supply chain.

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look out airplane window over cargo ships in ocean

BDP International Industry Insights Supply Chain Management

Less than 10% of firms have supply chain visibility, survey says

Full supply chain visibility rose to companies' third most important strategic priority in 2017, yet only 6% of firms said they had achieved this aim. Learn how BDP's solutions help provide true upstream and downstream visibility at every stage.

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BDP Turkey Projects

BDP International Project Logistics Supply Chain Management

The importance of specialized focus in Projects, Oil & Gas Logistics

BDP's expertise in the Projects, Oil & Gas sector is unlike any other. Our team provides highly skilled and experienced project managers who know the intricacies of this vertical and focus on providing innovative solutions.

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