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front of cargo ship traveling in ocean

Erin Scott Sustainability Talking Trade

Talking Trade: IMO 2020

January 1, 2020 is quickly approaching, and the new year will usher in a major change for the shipping industry: IMO 2020. This regulation is intended to lessen the emissions from the ocean transportation industry, but many questions still remain regarding implementation and enforcement.

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Windmill energy

Maureen Malia Industry Insights Sustainability

A greener supply chain

Reducing the supply chain carbon footprint makes sense — ethically and financially. Maureen Malia, Global Sustainability Manager, reviews how companies can contribute to a greener supply chain.

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container ship in blue ocean sky

BDP International Sustainability

Sustainable solutions: How a LEARN Project led to reduced carbon emissions for FMC

BDP International and FMC teamed up on a LEARN Project, focused on measuring emissions using the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework and identifying opportunities for increased efficiencies on selected trade lanes.

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