Freedom of Choice: Non-asset based objectivity stacks up well for Asia Pacific distribution

Chemtura Corporation is a leading global supplier of plastic additives including flame retardants; a leading manufacturer of pool and spa products; a global leader in seed treatment and miticides in the agricultural market; the largest component supplier to the lubricants industry; and a top global producer of urethane polymers. With approximately 4,000 employees, Chemtura facilities can be found in every major market around the world.


As Chemtura Corporation expanded its operations throughout Asia Pacific, the need for optimization of its supply chain services increased exponentially. This regional growth demanded warehousing and distribution services in specific locations that not only met their needs but those of Chemtura’s customers.


When it came time to select a warehousing resource, Chemtura turned to BDP. “That is where BDP really helped us,” said Irene Chan, Chemtura’s Logistics and Customer Care Director for Asia Paciifc. “It was not simply a matter of working with a warehouse management company and utilizing their fixed locations. BDP’s solution was different and fit out needs.”

BDP worked closely with Chemtura on establishing the warehouses in Singapore, then used the same successful model to expand Chemtura’s warehousing presence in Taiwan, China and Australia.

A key component of Chemtura’s warehouse management service is BDP’s portal, BDPSmart, which gives customers visibility from production through to consumption, providing control over procurement, shipments, inventory and customer service.

“BDP’s strength is to give you that support throughout the supply chain,” Chan said. “If there is a problem or issue at any step in the supply chain, BDP will help find a solution – they adapt to the customer’s requirements.”